• Manage Clients and Staff

    manage everything from one central point with easy to navigate shortcut tabs to quickly view any information about a client

  • Scheduling

    includes a comprehensive scheduling and bookings system for person training, group classes, bootcamps, and just about anything else you want to schedule

  • Create Training Plans

    select and track cardio options designed and based on the activities your clients enjoy and days they can commit to training with you.

  • Manage Clients and Billing

    fully integrated billing - forget about having to outsource this with another company and then create the issue of connecting client payments on 2 different systems

  • Monitor Attendance

    simple to read Check In screen – We have made what can be a very stressful front desk headache into a fun and easy to use experience

  • Point Of Sale

    we took a system that is often overcomplicated in other solutions and set it up to be simple, easy, and intuitive to use

  • Resistance Training

    a complete online training solution for your members, they can get everything they want from you when it comes to their training regime and results

  • Track Progress

    analyze clients' body composition, fitness level, flexibility and posture to relay exactly what their current levels are and the best plan to achieve their results moving forward with your company

  • Weight Loss Challenge

    create and run fitness and weight loss challenges designed to motivate your clients to achieve fantastic results

Complete Online Health Management Solutions

Industry Leading Software

Personal Training

  • check imageNutritional Programming
  • check imageFitness Assessments
  • check imageProgress Tracking
  • check imageMobile Applications
  • check imageHealth Screening
  • check imageClient Management
  • check imageScheduling
  • check imageAutomated Communications
  • check imageCompetitions
  • check imageReporting

Studio / Gym Management

  • Personal Training PLUS:
  • check imagePoint of Sale
  • check imageAgreements and Contracts
  • check imageAdvanced Scheduling
  • check imageClient Check-In
  • check imageStaff Management
  • check imageCorporate and Groups
  • check imagePackage Builder
  • check imageOnline Sales Systems
  • check imageTask and Sales Management
  • check imageAdvanced Reporting

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